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Repair or replace my air conditioning unit?

Air conditioning repair in Walnut Creek, CA, is a local heating & cooling business.
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air conditioning repair in walnut creek, caWhen your air conditioning goes out on a hot day, it can be miserable, especially during the hot scorching summer months in Walnut Creek. The big question is, can you get it repaired and what’s it going to cost. The initial house call and inspection will be minimal, and we need to evaluate your system before making any recommendations.

Here’s what we will do for you when we come out to your home:

  • First, we will diagnose why the unit isn’t working and write up a detailed report. We will break down the cost of the labor and parts needing repair.
  • If you agree to the proposed cost, we will proceed to repair your air conditioning system.
  • Some of our customers like to do their own AC repairs. Our detailed report will outline the necessary parts you will need with an explanation of the best way to complete your repair. We can, in most cases, get the items for you.
  • If we do the repairs, they will be completed the same day with a guarantee of all work and parts.

Maybe you've decided to replace your older AC unit, here are some suggestions.

  • After a complete inspection of your system, we can make a quick determination if your heating and cooling system needs replacing. We can recommend many different types of units that will surely save you money on your power bill.
  • Getting a second opinion might not be a bad idea. We will help you compare proposals and give you our thoughts on the best size and efficiency rating for the amount of space you’re trying to cool.
  • If you’ve decided to replace your AC unit, we will help you figure out the best, most cost-effective system to install. It would be best if you got a second opinion before making a decision.

  • Replacing your central air conditioning unit is expensive, and some customers have no idea about the cost. It can be as low as five thousand dollars or as high as twelve thousand dollars. This expense is why we offer to finance. It helps spread the cost out over time, and in some cases, you can afford a better unit.

Consider replacing your older unit with an ENERGY STAR central air unit.

central air replacement in walnut creekIf your HVAC system is between 10 and 15 years old, it’s time to consider a new replacement ENERGY STAR unit. This rating is critical because it can save you as much as 40% on your heating and cooling bill. Another tells tale sign is your air conditioners thermostat is at 68 degrees, and it stays on most of the time trying to cool your home. It should cycle off and on, and when the air conditioner runs too long, it starts to wear even faster.

When is it time to replace your old air system?

A trained professional can help. You should have us come out to your home for an evaluation, and we will tell you if your unit needs replacing and how much time you will have before it goes out completely. We are centrally located in Walnut Creek and can be at your home in one hour or less.

We service all of Walnut Creek, Rossmoor and Lafayette.

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