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It is almost June and that means that it is time to shed that jacket, put away the umbrella, and make plans for summer. With these plans it may be a good idea to turn a little attention toward your heating and air conditioning system. I say this because you do not want to discover a problem with your system during a heat wave, when every air conditioning Walnut Creek contractor has dozens of calls, you want to get ahead of the crowd and take care of any problems now.

I know that most of us rarely think about these systems in our homes except for when we turn them on or off, but they do include a number of moving parts and they do need regular preventative maintenance and service, even if it just results in some simple lubrication of the motor and fan blades. If you take a look at your owner’s manual, something few of us ever read, you will find that all systems have required maintenance schedules in order for them to operate flawlessly when called upon.

Beyond the systems themselves it is also important to have the ducts that carry the air to each room to make certain they are flowing properly and not losing air through any holes, inefficiently misdirecting cool air to your attic or crawlspace.

Of course maintenance is never any fun and even less so when it costs money, but there are many Walnut Creek air conditioner companies that will perform system check-up and routine maintenance for very little money, much less than an emergency repair call on a 95 degree day.

Take the time and pay some attention to your system now and it will serve you well all summer long.

- by Joan Summers 5/12/2013

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