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Heating and Furnace repair in Walnut Creek

When winter arrives in Walnut Creek, and you turn your heater on for the first time, that last thing you expect is for it not to work. For some homeowners, their furnace is the last thing on their mind for most of the year, but it is important to maintain the entire system to ensure that it will work properly when you need it the most.

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With winter soon approaching, it may be beneficial to call Walnut Creek AC Repair to schedule a maintenance service call. There are many parts to central air heating systems and a technician will be able to perform the appropriate tests for all aspects of your system. There are two parts to your heater, one that is inside and one that is outside. Both need regular maintenance, along with the duct system in your home.

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The technician will be able to see problem areas that will cause you heater to not work at all, or to not work at its most efficient level of performance. The experienced team at Walnut Creek AC Repair not only is capable of fixing current problems, but is also able to tell if parts of the heater are likely to fail this winter. They will then be able to replace or repair any and all parts that need attention. Common parts that need replaced are motors, fans, ignition switches, thermostats, and belts. Although you may not be familiar with all the parts, the repairman will be and can save you money later on by replacing them now instead of in the dead of winter. Once the technician determines that your central air heating unit is ready for winter, you should discuss future maintenance that will extend the life and provide maximum performance for your heater for years to come.

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Discuss what you can do yourself, and what tests they will need to perform. One easy way to maintain your heater is to replace your filter about every three months. Filters are extremely affordable, but can cause many complications when they become dirty or clogged. Also ask if your HVAC unit is capable of using a wire filter. A wire filter will cost significantly more than a regular one, but instead of replacing it every three months, you can just wash it with water. Also ask about how you can save money on your energy bills. A new thermostat that is programmable will save you money all year long and can be installed in minutes by the technician.

You should also know the expected lifespan that you heater still has on it. Since replacing a heater entirely can be such a high unexpected cost, knowing ahead of time when you are most likely going to need to update it will save you from a huge financial headache in the future.

Before winter arrives, it is crucial that you have your furnace inspected and schedule regular maintenance once a year. Unless you want to have no heat in your home when temperatures drop, then call Walnut Creek AC Repair today. Norman Parker and his team can save you money and prepare you for the cold months ahead.

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